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No other consulting group in the industry offers expertise in all the functional areas, as it applies to both domestic and international background screening, like Aletheia Advisory. We offer flexible engagement and pricing options that offer varied structures based on customers’ needs, sense of urgency, and budget.

Background Screening Strategy

If you are a background screener that needs a new or fresh strategy to meet your business goals, we offer:

  • Market Strategy Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • M&A Intermediary
  • Start-up Advisory / Planning
  • US & Global Market Research
Business Optimization & Innovation

If you are a background screener seeking to meet new and emerging U.S. and global markets while adjusting to competitive forces through innovation and optimization, we offer:

  • Operations Optimization
  • Customer Advocacy & Retention
  • Recruitment & Placement
  • New Product Development
  • Professional Development Training
  • Change Management
  • Employee Retention
  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Supply Chain Optimization
Revenue Engine Optimization

If you are a background screener looking to capture higher quality opportunities that convert to successful sales and business growth, we offer:


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Event Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing and Campaigns
  • Marketing and Customer Studies
  • Customer and Relationship Marketing
  • Inbound and Digital Marketing
  • Website Design and Search Engine Marketing
  • Social and Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Collateral Development
  • Proposal Technical Writing


  • Sales / Market Planning
  • Sales Personnel Placement
  • Lead Generation Planning
  • Sales Development as a Service (SDaaS)
Compliance & Privacy

If you are a background screener striving to meet new and emerging U.S. and international functionality and compliance requirements, we offer:

US Compliance

  • Federal Compliance – FCRA
  • State Compliance – CCPA Compliance, Private Investigator Licensing
  • Local Compliance

Global Compliance

  • Privacy Shield Preparation
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Third-Party DPO

PBSA Preparation

Privacy Training

Technology Enablement

If you are a background screener experiencing technology limitations from your platform and are evaluating your options, we offer:

  • Technical Feasibility Study
  • Platform System Architecture Design
  • Platform Enhancement
  • Process Automation Strategy Development
  • Platform Globalization
  • Data Automation Services
  • ATS and Client Integration Development

Let’s identify the obstacles you are facing, so we can get you to the next level in business, together.

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Want to check out the products Aletheia can offer your organization?

Aletheia Advisory is unique in that we offer not only technical expertise in our services but also in our products. We offer a complete advisory service to our clients by expanding beyond consulting to share our knowledge in products such as handbooks, reports, and guides as a part of our comprehensive solution.

  • US Background Screening Product Manager’s Handbook
  • US Background Screening Compliance Manager’s Handbook
  • Global Background Screening Product Manager’s Handbook
  • Executives’ Handbook to Global Background Screening Business Strategy
  • Global Background Screening Industry Analysis Report
  • Background Screener’s Guide to International Manufacturer and Wholesale International Research Suppliers
  • Country CRA Player’s Guide to Distributing Country Screening Services to US Background Screening Organizations
  • Guide to Global Background Data Providers
  • Global Background Screening Data Privacy Handbook

Let us help you navigate your path to success.

We have you covered from all angles. Introducing Aletheia Advisory 360.


CxO 360

What is CxO anyway? This term stands for the many variations C-level titles of “Chief” and “Officer.” We offer CxO as a service, filling in for the executives and expertise you need.

Aletheia Advisory provides skilled, results producing executive level operational leadership and expertise for small to medium companies.

We become an integral part of the senior management team. We evaluate and fix operational challenges, team problems, and implement improvement initiatives that incrementally grow companies in the background screening space.

Explore Our CxO 360 Categories
Want to check out the expertise that Aletheia can offer your organization?

Aletheia Advisory’s executive level advisors can offer their leadership and knowledge on a transitional, interim, temporary or part-time basis. Review some of most popular CxO categories, below.

Background Screening Strategy
  • Chief Executive Officer – Want to scale, grow, and optimize? Strategically plan for the long term? Implement the right products, people, and resources? Business process improvement initiatives to reach the next level.
  • Chief Investment Officer – Time to buy or sell? Need to make an investment to enter a new geographic or industrial market? Maximize profitability by making timely and appropriate investment decisions.
  • Chief Information Officer – Need someone to formulate and bring together your strategy, products, and marketing? Increase usability for how information is managed and implemented across the facets of your business.
Business Optimization & Innovation
  • Chief Customer Officer – Want to proactively nurture customer relationships? Improve client retention? Increase client spend? Maintain and enhance client value.
  • Chief Operations Officer – Need to identify barriers impacting ability to scale operations? Evaluate profitability of products and packaging? Analyze production capacity as compared to growth goals? Run lean and optimize!

Revenue Engine Optimization
  • Chief Revenue Officer – Want to improve your win-loss ratio? Drive long-term value? Improve sales year over year? Improve lead conversion rates? Scale up your sales engine!
  • Chief Sales Officer – Want to grow specific verticals or markets? Create new opportunities? Build a predictable sales pipeline? Quantify costs per lead? Kick-start your sales funnel!
  • Chief Brand Officer – Want to establish and raise brand awareness? Establish messaging consistency? Need to innovate and update? Build purpose and confidence into your brand.
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Want to increase or refine inbound lead generation? Increase your RFP win rate? Showcase your expertise? Need a web and social media overhaul? Refine and define your strategy!

Compliance & Privacy
  • Chief Compliance Officer – Want to establish a compliance program? Need to deliver required training? Need to prepare for an audit? Want to accelerate accreditation? Easily implement industry compliance requirements.
  • Chief Information Security Officer – Is your business ready to support privacy and data requirements? Need to know if current data handling practices meet legislative requirements? Get your compliant materials operationally ready!
Technology Enablement
  • Chief Technology Officer – Need analysis of how much volume your platform can handle? How efficient is your platform? Can the platform handle international? Match your technology and platform to your business goals.
  • Chief Experience Officer – Need an ATS or HR integration to your platform to increase ease of use? Need to streamline your systems and processes for a better applicant and client experience? Give your clients the experience they need to retain them for years to come.

CRAs on a Budget

Don’t have the resources for a full time executive team? Well, you don’t have to. Instead, use our experts as you need them.

CRAs Ready to Grow

Have ideas, dreams, and goals? We can make them a reality while addressing challenges and implementing improvement initiatives.

placement 360

Placement 360

Aletheia Advisory matches the right candidates with the right companies, so both can grow!

  • Mutual Match – We care. We want it to be the right match for the company and the candidate.
  • Replacement Guarantee – If it doesn’t work out, we’ll find one that will.
  • 360 Interview – Pre-vetted for quality and character. Our 360 includes employers, supervisors, colleagues, and most importantly, clients.
  • Respect – We respect our candidates as the professionals they are, not just a body to fill a position.


If you have an immediate placement need, we can help in your recruitment efforts for background screening professionals.


If you are interested in being included in our professional pool of candidates, we can reach out if an opportunity arises.

Want a deeper dive on who we are, the problems we solve, and how? Check this out.

We’d love to better understand your needs and priorities. Let’s face your challenges together.