Aletheia Advisory is an optimization and innovation-focused background screening consulting practice. Further, we are built upon the understanding that the background screening industry is constantly affected by uncertainties such as data privacy regulations, consumer reporting legislation, and ease of data access.  That is why it’s with a firm understanding of these forces that Aletheia and our team of deep-knowledge experts help our clients to not only meet today’s challenges head-on, but to chart a course for increased scale, growth, and sustainability.

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Meet Our Team

All of our engagements are led by seasoned practitioners with proven backgrounds and executive-level experience within the background screening industry. For example, this includes operations, privacy/compliance, and technology experts.

What Makes Us Unique

Industry Thought Leadership

We come from within the background screening industry like you. We’ve faced the challenges you face. Consequently, we strongly felt our industry needed the ability to tap into experienced practitioners with significant corporate background, in addition to a history of ownership and accountability. Moreover, for almost 30 years our leaders have been recognized thought leaders and practitioners in optimization, innovation and strategic planning in the U.S. and Global background screening marketplace.

Objective, Qualitative & Quantitative Approach

We believe in leveraging a “learning” approach, recognizing that as the speed of business accelerates it is virtually impossible to be prepared with all the right answers at the outset of an initiative. As a result, we specialize in tackling the big issues and challenges by first identifying and prioritizing them and then systematically tackling them with your team bite by bite. Most importantly, we do this in an objective and unbiased way, with a qualitative and quantitative approach.

Data, Metrics, & KPI Driven

We do not just help identify your problems and make recommendations. Beyond that, we are laser focused on enabling the value in your existing teams, services and technology and extending your offerings to areas where your customers will see new value. And we emphasize this value with data, metrics, and proven results.

Deep Technical Expertise

Background screening landscapes around the globe are fragmented and vary from one country to another. That is why our strongest differentiator is the depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise of our industry leading experts who are uniquely qualified to design, develop and implement culturally-adapted, legally-compliant background screening business models.

So, How Can We Help?

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