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Background Screening Advisory Services

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Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

We can assist your multinational procurement team to develop, source, issue, and evaluate U.S. and global background screening requests for proposals. As an independent advisor, we can help guide you with the right direction and vendors in the appropriate areas.

Policy, Process, & Program Development

Full scope, impact assessment, data classification, gap analysis, and data flow mapping of organization’s current data practices, policies, processes, and screening programs compared to global best practice and local legal provisions. We take the guesswork out, so that you can easily meet regulated industry requirements.

Provider Audit
Provider Evaluations & Audits

Help HR and Compliance determine if existing global provider is: (1) sufficiently qualified, (2) registered and authorized to transfer personal data out of country, (3) complies with relevant legal provisions, and (4) is competent to provide geographic regulatory guidance.

Products, Tools, & Resources

Global Best Practice
Best Practice Country-Essential Guides

Country-specific guides detailing best-practice and legal provisions governing country-level background screening. Excellent reference material to supplement your policies.

Guide to Global Background Screening Providers

With so many providers, services, and geographic areas, it can be difficult to know who to use and when. We help simplify this for our clients with an easy reference guide.

Global Background Screening Data Privacy Handbook

Resource for Recruiting, HR, Compliance, and Security Staff on global data privacy. We help you meet training requirements on your responsibilities.

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