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Aletheia Advisory, a Background Screening Business Advisory Practice, Announces Additional Industry Thought Leaders to Assist Background Screeners Scale and Grow their Businesses

Pittsburgh, PA – September 14, 2020Aletheia Advisory is adding four new industry-leading business consultants to its business advisory platform.  These additions will assist employee background check providers as well as data and technology providers in their ability to scale and expand their business.  Nancy Alt, Kym Kurey, Chris Shyrock, and Tara Lukach will be joining Terry Corley as part of the new Aletheia Advisory team.

“I am excited to be adding these background screening experts to our advisory practice,” said Aletheia Advisory’s Managing Principal, Terry Corley. “Never before, in the history of the background screening industry, has there been a time of more fluidity and potential pitfalls as well as opportunity than we’re currently experiencing. The additional background screening business advisors will apprise US and overseas background screening companies of the most proven methods for expanding and scaling their business.  Our advisors will assist with enhanced background screening strategy, business and revenue engine optimization, compliance & privacy, and technological enablement. Moreover, they will also help employers and HR management services worldwide navigate best practice background screening no matter where in the world they may be hiring.” Corley noted, “a new and expanded advisory practice structure is an ongoing process driven by customer feedback based and industry demand.” 

Corley related that “we are not just operations, sales, privacy/compliance, and technology leaders who only help identify our customer’s problems and make recommendations. He noted Aletheia is laser-focused on enhancing the value within our customers’ existing teams, services, and technology.  He pointed out the business practice will be extending their offerings to areas where their customers will see the new value.

“Similar competitors in the market only offer US domestic centric surface or cursory level advisory. In contrast, Aletheia offers a full cadre of functional and technical experts willing to roll up their sleeves and dig in with our customers with deep expertise in both US domestic, global background screening as well as access to technical development resources needed by small to middle-market background screeners. None of our competitors offer global and technical expertise or development assets as part of their solution sets.”

“Aletheia’s background screener enhanced business advisory work streams include assistance with market strategy planning, start-up planning, US & global market research,” said Corley.  “This includes operations optimization, customer retention, recruitment & placement, profitability enhancement, and supply chain optimization.”

About Aletheia Advisory

Aletheia Advisory is an optimization and innovation-focused background screening consulting practice built upon the understanding that background screening companies are frequently affected by uncertainties such as market competitors, data privacy regulations, consumer reporting legislation, governmental oversight,  and ease of data access.  It’s with a firm understanding of these forces Aletheia, and our team of deep-knowledge-experts, help our clients not only to meet today’s challenges head-on but chart a course for increased scale and growth. Visit Aletheia Advisory online at

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